Entries so far – 23rd Sept

Entries update we are now up to 73 with
43 entries paid and confirmed for the Rockingham stages
13 entries paid and confirmed for the Sunday stages
20 entries received but not yet paid

Please remember your entry is not confirmed until payment is received

Photo Credit

My abject apologies for not properly annotating the photograph in the first place!

Our banner picture was taken at Rockingham 2017 stages by Andrew of M&H Photography.  Andrew took many photos, please contact them if you want a copy of any he may have taken of your car!


We’ve added a twitter account to help keep people updated as we move towards the 2018 Stages



Press Release 24-Aug-2018

The Ultimate Rockingham Stages Rally 1/2nd December 2018

The Last and Final Ultimate Rockingham Stages Rally will take place on the weekend of 1st and 2nd December 2018.

Co-promoted by Middlesex County Automobile Club and Thame Motor Sport Club, this will be the 15th and unfortunately the last running of our annual event at Rockingham Motor Speedway. Recently sold, the new owners of the venue will not use the facilities for motor sport.

The event is also being supported by the RS Owner’s Club, to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Escort coming into production. There are still many Escorts active in rallying and whilst the organisers are aiming to have 50 Escorts at the event, 50@50, there will be no favouritism, the competition will be as fierce as always. There will be special awards for the Escorts.

A joint statement from the organisers:

“We are of course very disappointed with the announcement that Rockingham Motor Speedway is to close its doors to competitive motor sport at the end of this year. Our rally will likely be the last motor sport event at the venue and we anticipate a full entry. We will be running the two day rally on the Saturday and Sunday with dark/night stages on the Saturday evening, and as usual there will also be a Sunday only rally.
With 2018 being the 50th anniversary of the Ford Escort we’re expecting a lot of interest but don’t forget the event is open to all and the chance to win will be hard fought in every class. Last year’s event was won by a Fiesta RS and we’re expecting an exciting mixture of cars this year too.

We look forward to seeing competitors old and new – if you have never been to Rockingham this is your last chance! Let’s make the last ever rally at Rockingham, The Ultimate Rockingham Stages.”

For further information and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

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Middlesex County Automobile Club
Thame Motorsports Club
RS Owners Club