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Scrutineering – Friday evening. (2017 stages)

Regulations are now published – see below.

Entries will be open on 20-Sept-18. The mail-in form will be available by then. Note the “online entry” link below is the preferred method of applying. That will be available on 20th.

MSA permit has been issued! Permit numbers are 106234 (Rockingham Stages)  106256 (Sunday Stages)


Please note that per the regulations, competitors should have HiVis tabards available and in the event of a crash or breakdown should don them before or immediately after existing the car. Please keep them with your OK board and triangle.  HiVis tabards will be available at Sign-On for £3.50


There are numerous hotels and guest houses within a short distance of the venue and full details can be found on the Rockingham website or contact one of the local tourist offices: –
Corby Tourist Information Centre  – 01536 407507
Kettering Tourist Information Centre – 01536 410266


The regulations for the 2018 Rockingham Stages are now available here.

Online Entry Form is here.

Post-in form is here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please note your entry is not valid until we have your payment!


2018 results will be linked from here in due course