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General Information

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Scrutineering – Friday evening. (2017 stages)

Regulations are now published – see below.

Entries will be open on 20-Sept-18. The mail-in form will be available by then. Note the “online entry” link below is the preferred method of applying. That will be available on 20th.

MSA permit has been issued! Permit numbers are 106234 (Rockingham Stages)  106256 (Sunday Stages)


Please note that per the regulations, competitors should have HiVis tabards available and in the event of a crash or breakdown should don them before or immediately after existing the car. Please keep them with your OK board and triangle.  HiVis tabards will be available at Sign-On for £3.50


There are numerous hotels and guest houses within a short distance of the venue and full details can be found on the Rockingham website or contact one of the local tourist offices: –
Corby Tourist Information Centre  – 01536 407507
Kettering Tourist Information Centre – 01536 410266


The regulations for the 2018 Rockingham Stages are now available here.

Online Entry Form is here.

Post-in form is here.


Final instructions

Ladies and Gentlemen, please note your entry is not valid until we have your payment!

Seeded Entry List


2018 – live results as they come in!

Final results 2018 Rockingham Stages

Final results 2018 Rockingham Sunday Stages

Final results 2018 Rockingham Stages Trophy


Rockingham Stages 2018 – Award Winners

Overall                                                                                                                                                    o/a

1st         Car 2       Paul King / Alicia Miles                     Ford Escort RS                      1hr 40m 14sec        1st

2nd          Car 4       Darryl Morris / Mark Regan              Ford Escort Mk 2                  1hr 40m 27sec        2nd

3rd        Car 25     Stephen Tilburn / Jack Tilburn         Ford Escort RS2500              1hr 41m 27sec        3rd


Class 5

1st         Car 15     Tim Hill / Paul Spooner                     Ford Fiesta RS                      1hr 41m 29sec        4th

2nd        Car 17     Anthony Robinson / Mark Witherspoon  Proton Satria Millington   1hr 42m 36sec        5th

3rd        Car 9       Alex Cannon / Alan Carrae                Subaru Impreza                    1hr 45m 06sec        10th


Class 4

1st         Car 7       Ian Hucklebridge / Oliver Hucklebridge  Ford Escort                     1hr 42m 34sec        6th

2nd        Car 14     Pete Rayner / Aron Rayner                Ford Escort Mk II                 1hr 42m 36sec        7th

d           Car 36     Clive Hitchman / Jeremy Griffiths    BMW E3 Coupe                      1hr 49m 37sec        17th


Class 3

1st         Car 12     Robin Adams / Ray Keith                   Ford Escort                           1hr 43m 05sec        8th

2nd        Car 13     Roland Brown / Terry Luckings          Ford Escort Mk 1                   1hr 45m 30sec        11th

3rd        Car 32     Ben Moore / Andy Tomlinson             Vauxhall Astra VXR               1hr 47m 03sec        13th


Class 2

1st         Car 82     Stuart Bliss / Richard Marsh            Honda Civic                           1hr 44m 31sec        9th

2nd        Car 74     Ben Short / Jon Lawes                      Maxda MX5                          1hr 49m 28sec        16th

3rd        Car 50     Chris Keys / James Riley                   Peugeot 205 GTI                   1hr 54m 54sec        29th


Class 0 / 1

1st         Car 56     Trevor Hancock / Joanne Watson     Morris Cooper S                    2hr 00m 16sec        34th

2nd        Car 67     Adam Ripper / Ray Ripper                  Nissan Micra                         2hr 02m 04sec       36th

3rd        Car 69     David Johnson / Lucy Johnson          Proton Satria                        2hr 03m 51sec        37th


Best Mixed Crew

Car 29     Kevin Fossey / Sue Fossey                 Ford Escort Mk 11                 1hr 50m 01sec        19th


Best Thame Motorsport  Club



Best Middlesex County Automobile Club

Car 17     Anthony Robinson / Mark Witherspoon  Proton Satria Millington   1hr 42m 36sec        5th


Trophy Rally

1st         Car845    John Legg / David Parsons                 Ford Escort Mk II                 0hr 48m 59sec


Last Classified Finisher

Car 34     John Clayton / Connor Hill                Ford Sierra Cosworth V6       3hr 30m05sec        51st


Team Award

1st        Cars 4, 6 and 14                           Corner Trio                                                3hr 22m 33sec       1st

Other Team Entries

Cars 1 and 15                                Hills Motorsport                                        3hr 29m 06sec

Cars 44, 48 and 57                       Tam Hormones                                           3hr 47m 05sec

Cars 50, 62 and 72                       The 205s                                                   4hr 02m 08sec

Cars 47 and 59                             Dads and Kids(?)                                        4hr 25m 15sec






Rockingham Sunday Stages – Award Winners


Overall                                                                                                                                                    o/a

1st         Car 128   John Stone / Alex Stone                  Ford Fiesta WRC                   45m 58sec              1st

2nd          Car 102   Mark Jasper / Don Whyatt               Ford Escort Mk 2                  46m 34sec              2nd

3rd        Car 130   Dale Crowsley / John Vaudin             Mazda MX5                           48m 30sec              3rd


Class 5

1st         Car 103   Jamie Elston / Shaun Ridlington        Subaru Impreza                    49m 21sec              4th


Class 4

1st         Car 112    Philip Rowland / Philip Woodcock      BMW 323                              50m 50msec           7th


Class 3

1st         Car 131    Steve Finch / Ashley Davies              Ford Escort                           50m 08sec              5th


Class 2

1st         Car 107   Paul Rees / Paul Briggs                      Vauxhall Astra GTE               50m 57sec              8th


Class 0 / 1

1st         Car 122   Mark Blackmore/ Matthew Blackmore  Vauxhall Corsa                   51m 18sec               9th


Last Classified Finisher

Car 129   Christopher Langthorne / Rebecca Marshal  Ford Escort Mk II     1hr 34m 01sec        23rd



Last Ever Competitor at Rockingham Motor Speedway


Car 116    Trevor Smithson / Tim Tugwell         Hillman Avenger                    1hr 12m 14sec