Marshal’s draw

Thank you all for supporting this year’s event, especially the officials and marshals, who ensured that a good weekend was had by all. We are so glad that everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and are sorry that this is the last Rockingham Stages due to the sale of the venue.

Of course, a big thanks also to all the staff at Rockingham for their support and assistance both prior to the event and over the weekend. Without their help the event would not be possible. Thanks also to the various stage sponsors.

The Entry/Start List and detailed Results are available via the event website, but the list of Award Winners follows.

The prizes for marshals were distributed over the weekend but a marshal’s raffle for the cash prizes was held after the event and we offer our congratulations to the following winners:-



James Reynolds, Chester                       £40.00

Cyril Loman, Wellesbourne                     £30.00

Anne Rothberg, Croydon                        £30.00

Maisie Childe, Kettering                         £25.00

Ian Warry-Thomas, Leckhampton          £20.00

James Howell, Pistyll                              £20.00

Mike Wise, Aylesbury                             £15.00

Jane Hipperson, Marham                        £15.00

N Barker, Kettering                               £10.00

Alan Bennett, Wilnecote                        £10.00

Richard Clayton, Cheltenham                  £10.00

Kim Durose, Codnor Ripley                    £40.00

Keith Bond, Hereford                           £30.00

William Barnes, Burton-on-Trent          £30.00

Kamila Zielinska, Stow-on-the-Wold     £25.00

Andrew Hindhaugh, Sandy                    £20.00

Steve Walters, Northampton               £20.00

John Martin Dixon, Hornsea                 £15.00

John Bolyk, Gainsborough                     £15.00

Mark Casey, Wigginton                         £10.00

Peter Cox, Lambourn                            £10.00

Adam Stubbs, Hemel Hempstead         £10.00


We are actively looking for an alternative venue for the future and hope that a successful substitute can be found.

Happy Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Safe Motoring

The Organising Team

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